Text Message Marketing

Text Message marketing offers your business one thing that no other advertising medium can...INSTANT TRAFFIC. Have you been using email, Facebook, Twitter or print advertising to stay in touch with your customers? These four strategies combined don't even come close to the conversion rate that text message marketing delivers. Your text message will have a near 100% delivery rate, a 97% open and read rate, and a potential 15 to 30% redemption rate! 

Here's How Easy It Is

1.  Choose a keyword relevant to your business or organization and easy for people to remember.

2.  You'll then receive your "short code".  A "short code" is a short phone number, usually 5-6 digits.

3.  Invite potential and existing customers to text the keyword to your short code so that they can start receiving exclusive updates, coupons, promotions and "Text to Win" opportunities.

4.  Send your opt-in subscribers exciting and worthwhile offers and updates that foster repeat visits from existing clients as well as encouraging new clients to walk in the door and start using your services.

     Imagine if you are a restaurant having a slow day and you send out a text to several hundred of your subscribers offering a free appetizer if they come in and show their text coupon withing the next four hours?  Or you're the carpet cleaning company that just had a cancellation. Send a text to you subscribers offering them 50% off during the time slot of your cancellation, and you won't have any problem replacing that appointment.  The possibilities are endless.

Is It Affordable?

      Yes, especially when you consider the money spent on traditional advertising that doesn't target your audience and usually produces disappointing returns on your investment.  Any business can afford to get started with text message marketing. It's inexpensive, but very effective!

     You can use a Local Mobile Specialist (such as Upwardly Mobile Marketing) to manage your campaign for you.  We'll provide you with marketing materials such as table tents or flyers, run analytics on your subscribers, and design and send all of your text communications.  This allows you the time to do what you do best...run your business.

     Your other option is to do it yourself with our partner Text Messaging Service.  This method could save you money and can be done quickly and easily once you learn the ropes.  We even offer 20% off your first month just for trying it out. 

     Don't get left behind. Text message marketing is predicted to grow four fold within the next four years. Businesses have already distributed over 70 million text coupons in 2013. It's your turn to start using a better, more effective way of communicating with your customers.  


Initial Text Message Campaign Setup Fee - $249
Each Keyword - $20/mo
Text Messages .12ea
Do It Yourself Text Messages Avg. @.04ea

No monthly maintenance fees!
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