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How do we end the crisis? 

The main reason marketers use QR Codes is to get people to perform an action.  Having a mobile website with video, pics, coupons and links is very effective in accomplishing that goal and creates a positive user experience.  Please don't have your QR Code point to a desktop website.  If they are using a QR Code, they are on a mobile device and need to see mobile optimized content. 

Follow these 4 steps to end the crisis once and for all.

1. Make sure you have a mobile optimized website.
2. Use a custom designed QR Code
3. Track the scans of the QR Code
4. Print the QR Code everywhere

Fortunately, Upwardly Mobile can perform all of these tasks for you.  Contact us anytime.

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4 Easy Ways to Get Better Google Places Reviews

By Cindy Beckwith
May 14, 2014

Good reviews are so important to your business.  It is the first introduction that many customers have to what you have to offer and what they can expect when they get there.  Here are 4 ways to encourage Google Places Reviews.

1.  Ask For A Review Right After The Transaction

The customer has made a purchase from either your physical store or online shop.  What do you do now?  You ask them to take a moment to provide you with feedback about the products purchased and service received.  In a physical location, you can include handing the customer a small reminder card with a Google Places review box URL on it or including the URL on the bottom of their printed receipt.  For an online store, the review request can be included at the bottom of a shipping notification email or in a separate email sent after they've received the order.

2.  A Direct Link To The Review Form

For higher conversions, point visitors directly to the Google Places review form rather than providing a URL that sends them to your general Google Places Page. You can use this link in advertising and marketing promotions, on websites and anytime a customer wishes to leave a review.  (This can only be done If your business has integrated Google Places with Google+ Local. This is an important step toward optimizing a Places profile for search.)  Upwardly Mobile can do this for you!  Just let us know.

3.  Show Off Those Positive Reviews

Most people like to be part of a group.  Studies have shown that acknowledgement from a group is the underlying reason why folks leave  positive reviews, so use that to your advantage.  Show off your positive Google Places reviews by including them at checkout, on your website and in certain promotions.

4.  Give Them A Reward

Retailers can encourage additional word-of-mouth and Google Places reviews by rewarding the reviewer after the fact.  Here's an example:  A customer who regularly visits your store writes a positive review on your Google Places page.  The next time that customer visits, you might give him/her a special discount, a free t-shirt or some other gift.  If an online shopper leaves a positive review, you could send that reviewer an email offering free shipping on future orders or free merchandise.  In each case, the rewarded reviewer will most likely tell friends, who in turn will write a review of their own. 

Word of Caution

In most cases, a retailer should not offer customers a gift or even a chance to win a gift for writing a review.  This can be viewed as somewhat of a bribe and negates the credibility of the review..  Offering a reward for a review afterwards is very different than promising a gift before a customer reviews your store.
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