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Mobile Optimized Websites

What is the difference between a regular site and a mobile optimized site?

A regular website is usually designed for viewing on a desktop computer.  When viewed on a smaller mobile device, the user experience isn't that great because certain elements from the site might not appear or may not function correctly.  Mobile optimized sites solve this problem by creating a version of the website
that is specifically designed to look great on all mobile devices.  In addition,
mobile websites may also include features that take advantage of the advanced capabilities of a mobile phone such as a Click-to-Call Button that, when clicked, places a call.

What are the benefits of having a mobile optimized site?

The main benefit of a mobile optimized site is to provide a great overall website experience for your mobile users.  With millions of people browsing websites from their phones every month, it has become a necessity to provide a quality mobile experience and provide quick access to information about your business.  A
mobile optimized site also helps convert mobile traffic into customers by using special mobile website features like Click-to-Call and Mobile Maps with Directions.

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Custom QR Codes

Now that QR codes have made it into the main stream marketing arena, it's becoming increasingly important to make QR codes stand out, gain trust, and represent a brand.  Custom QR codes are currently proven to be spotted and scanned more often than a standard black and white QR code.
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Search Marketing

Have you tried using Adwords or some other form of Pay Per Click Advertising and seen little to no results?  You're not alone.  Only a small percentage of businesses will ever make money with this strategy because they just don't know how to create and develop a complete campaign that includes a strong Call to Action.

But we know the components of a High Converting Local Business Ad and we'll prove it with strong customer engagement and higher quality leads than you've ever seen before.  Because we're confident in our abilities, and are looking to create a win-win relationship, we offer a 30-day guarantee.  This means that if you are not happy with our services, we will be happy to refund the monthly management fee.  So what are you waiting for?  Call us!

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing offers your business one thing that no other advertising
medium can...INSTANT TRAFFIC.  Have you been using email, Facebook, Twitter or
or print advertising to stay in touch with your customers?  All of these strategies
combined don't even come close to the open rate that Text Message Marketing
delivers.  Your message will have a near 100% delivery rate, a 97% open and read
rate and a potential 15-20% conversion rate.
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