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Guaranteed Results With Pay-Per-Click

AdWords, Pay-Per-Click and Search Marketing are all phrases used when talking about the process by which a business displays a customized ad that appears to searchers in various locations who are searching for a specific keyword.  For example;  the search to the left shows that the person was looking for a dentist in the city of Puyallup.  Above any organic listing, above any local listing, above all listings are the ads.

Ads are the first listings that appear on the page and the first place that eyes land on the page. It's the prime real estate spot (as we call it) for people to see you!  The good news is that you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad and visits your link. This is the quickest and most effective way to get immediate lead generation for your business. If you need to get customers in the door quickly; Pay-Per-Click is the way to go.

What We Will Do For You

1.  Landing Page Creation

We will create a high converting landing page for you (based on a proven method) to capture new leads at a very high conversion rate.

2.  Create And Manage Your Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign

We will do extensive keyword research and setup a Google Pay-Per_Click campaign with multiple different ad groups (each with different keyword groupings and different ads.

3.  Split-Test Multiple Different Ads To Get You The Most Leads And The Cheapest Cost Per Click

For each ad group, we will spilt-test multiple ads thereby finding the ad that gets the highest number of clicks.  This will get you more leads as well as a lower cost per click. (Google rewards people who get a high Click-Through Rate.)

4.  Ongoing Testing, Tweaking And Optimization Of Your Campaign To Continue To Increase The Number Of Leads You
     Receive And Lower Your Cost Per Click

Every month we will analyze all of the keywords and ad Click-Through data very carefully.  We'll make the necessary tweaks and improvements to ensure your account continues to improve instead of decline.

Our Guarantee

Have you tried using AdWords or some other form of Pay Per Click Advertising and seen little to no results?  You're not alone.  Only a small percentage or businesses will ever make money with this strategy because they just don't know how to create and develop a complete campaign that includes a strong Call to Action.   But we know the components of a High Converting Local Business Ad and we'll prove it with strong customer engagement and higher quality leads than you've ever seen before.  Because we're confident in our abilities, and are looking to create a win-win relationship, we offer a 30-day guarantee .  This means that if you are not happy with our services, we'll refund 20% of the monthly management fee and the landing page that we've built for you is yours to keep.  So what are you waiting for?  Call us! 

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