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Depending on where you look, you might see Google's local search called a number of different names like; Google Places, Google Places for Business, Google Local, Google Maps Listing...you get the idea.  The most important thing to remember is that we're all talking about your listing in Google Maps.  For business owners, being found in Google's local search results is a crucial element to the success and growth of their businesses. Let's say that my friend and I decide to go to a casino and have some fun gambling and maybe catch some live music.  What's the first thing we do?  Google "Casinos near me", right?   If your Google Maps listing is not set up and optimized properly, there's a good chance that we are not visiting your casino.  Most people click on only the first few listings that show up in the carousel, or the 7 pack. (Google uses different formats for different verticals) 

Local Carousel Results: Where Do Users Click Most?

Local Listings 7 Pack

Unless you have a business in the travel, hospitality, restaurant or entertainment verticals, your local listings will most likely appear in a 7 pack as shown below.   Similar to the carousel results that we mentioned above, the 7 pack is where you need to be in order to access the potential customers typing in the keywords that can lead them to your business. Studies have shown that visitors will very rarely go any further than page 1 to find a local business listing.  Upwardly Mobile will implement the steps necessary to optimize your listing so that the 97% of Americans who use the internet to look online for local products and services will see yours!

The Carousel

Mid 2013 Google started to implement "The Carousel", a row of images across the top of the Google SERP.  For now, the carousel contains up to 20 listings and appears for results in hospitality, travel, restaurant, entertainment, sports and education.  When a user searches for a local results query such as a restaurant or hotel, the traditional vertical listings most users associate with Google search, are now a horizontal carousel which features thumbnails, ratings, as well as the number of Google+ reviews. Users can then scroll sideways through the listings to see more results. Google is clearly encouraging businesses to create Places and Google+ Local for Business pages and that's where we can help.  Upwardly Mobile utilizes local search best practices in order to get your listing noticed on the carousel.

Google Places for Business Pricing

We will set up, optimize and verify your Google Places for Business pages. This includes but is not limited to utilizing photos, videos, creation of custom business descriptions, cultivating reviews and citation analysis.  

$247 One Time Setup
$7/mo Monthly Analytics (Optional)

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