Direct Mail Marketing

Send Your Business Message Directly to THOUSANDS of Local Buyers without Spending THOUSANDS!
Join Our Advertising Co-op and Get “Billboard Exposure” To Their Mailbox For Just Pennies per Person.

Know Your Audience

We choose a rich diversity of households within each zip code. You can track exactly which mailing routes your marketing piece will appear.  These are our Giant 9" x 12"  Co-Op Postcards!

Create Your Offer or Business Brand Message

Your special business offer or brand message will appear in THOUSANDS of local mailboxes in targeted areas and every advertiser is on The Front Page! This eliminates the important step of your potential customers having to open an envelope filled with a bunch of loose ads, or looking through pages and pages in a newspaper or magazine. Our unique design STANDS OUT using color graphics and one of the largest post cards allowed to be sent by the US Post Office.

Welcome New Customers

This unique Direct Mail method is the most effective way to instantly reach local households and drive LOTS of attention to your business!  "Direct Mail delivers a higher return on investment than almost any other media." *United States Post Office

Different Sizes for Different Needs

Plenty of postcard sizes available.  Here are a few examples.

5" x 7"

6.5" x 9"

6.5" x 12"

8.5" x 11"

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